Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning: A way to increase efficiency & life of solar system

Everyone believes in cleanliness whether it is our house, car, or furniture, all of them requires timely cleaning. Then solar panel cleaning cant be an exception especially when it helps in generating energy from Sun.

Why it is require to clean solar panel?

It is important to clean solar panels as it directly affects energy generation. The main causes of dirt on solar panels are dust and bird excreta which are a natural phenomenon and thus we can’t stop those but we can clean our panels and be certain that these causes may decrease energy generation up to 5% or more.


Let’s say if you have installed a 10 kW rooftop system, your daily generation around 50kW to 55 kW, and your monthly generation is around 1500 kW. Due to dust and bird’s excreta, the energy generation drops by 75 kW in a month. Now, assume that your energy cost per unit is ₹10 so here you will have to bear a loss of ₹750 a month.

SunSights mobile application can prevent this loss!

SunSights mobile application called SunSights is a complete solution which tends to ease your difficulty in deciding when to clean panels by providing timely reminders to clean your solar panels and also send a notification on your mobile if the main cause of low energy generation is cleaning. Our application also provides good tips that can help you in improving energy generation and can help to diagnose the reason/issue behind less generation.

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