SunSights Live

Seamless access and controlled remotely

SunSights Live

A detailed and clear online system monitoring in a customizable environment. Minutely track the performance of your solar plant, to take quick actions, to abnormalities and thus to secure your investment. It gives you concise information about the performance of your system at any time from anywhere via the Internet.


  • 1 Effective O&M
    Know about field equipment issues in realtime and correct them immediately
  • 2 Real Time Monitoring
    Monitor production in real-time via a centralized platform
  • 3 Remote troubleshooting
    Pinpoint any issue instantly for more efficient maintenance and often, remote repairs.
  • 4 Maximize Performance
    Determine whether under performance was caused by weather or by types of equipments
  • 5 Yield Analysis
    Analytics to understand if the yield is as expected or designed
  • 6 Graph View
    View performance data in graph form to get an in-depth look at each microinverter’s activity


  • Secure solar power generation
  • User friendly GUI
  • Remote access from anywhere in the world
  • Panel wise monitoring and controlling
  • Real time solar generation updates
  • Automatic software updation

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