SunSights Live

A monitoring platform to get all installation information, solar Generation/Consumption tracking and analysis on fingertip from anywhere.

SunSights Live

SunSights Live is a solar IoT platform, available in the form of a web-application equipped with a dashboard. The SunSights Live enables monitoring the technical as well as the financial performance of one or more solar sites with SunSights products. It provides accurate information about the current and historical performance of each module individually and as a whole system, enabling users to detect and troubleshoot faults, efficiently assets management operations and analyze site profitability at any time from anywhere.

It provides real-time actions which help to improve system performance and get notification whenever the system requires Intervention or maintenance.


    • 1 Effective O&M
      Know About SunSights Equipment Issues In Real time And resolve Them Immediately.
    • 2 Real Time Monitoring
      Monitor Production & Consumption In Real-Time through a Centralized Platform.
    • 3 Remote Troubleshooting
      Detect Any Issue Instantly For More Efficient Maintenance And Often Remote Repairs Via Diagnostic Feature.
    • 4 Maximize Performance
      Determine whether underperformance was caused by weather or any other parameters.
    • 5 Yield Analysis
      Analytic to understand if the yield is as expected or designed.
    • 6 Graphical & Statistical View
      View Performance data of micro inverter in detail.
    • 7 Monthly energy report on registered Email ID
      get monthly energy generation report on Registered email.
    • 8 Detecting abnormalities
      Validate system and detects fault or abnormalities.
    • 9 Control the electrical parameters
      Controlling the active power & Power factor based on site performance or requirements.
    • 10 Data Playback
      The Playback dynamically visualizes the power production of a site during a days
    • 11 Return merchandise authorization (RMA) Feature
      Management of Solar material & remotely Contact client for “Quick technical support”.


    • Secure solar power generation.
    • User friendly GUI
    • World Wide remote access Via internet on PC & Mobile phones.
    • Panel wise monitoring and controlling
    • Real time solar generation updates
    • Automatic software Update
    • Notifications & Mail about “GSM Data Validity” with selected prior days.
    • Environment Benefits & Financial Benefits.
    • Overview of the key properties of the Solar plant.

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