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About SLS MicroInverter(MSI1500 & MSI700)

A solar Microinverter converts direct current (DC) supply from a single solar panel to alternating current (AC) supply. An output from several microinverters are combined and the excess energy produced is fed to an electrical grid.

Panel level monitoring,12 years warranty, Improvement system performance under shaded conditions, higher reliability.

No. Only those Micro-inverters will stop producing power to whoever are associated/connected with shadow-affected panels. Other panels will keep working.

Currently, we have two different types of Microinverters: 1) MSI1500 – 4 MPPT (1400W AC Output) & 2) MSI700 – 2 MPPT (700W AC Output).

It is pre-decided by designed plant capacity, which involves the number of PV modules required and the type of micro-inverter chosen. One MSI1500 unit can connect 4 PV modules & an MSI700 unit can connect 2 PV modules

Yes, our Microinverter has complied with all applicable IEC/Equivalent BIS standards for Power conversation for conditioning units/inverters from MNRE approved Indian test laboratories.

It supports Solar panels with a capacity range from 250-440Wp. The Open circuit voltage (Voc) should be in the operating range of 22-55Vdc.

There are mainly two reasons for this. First, check the physical status of Solar panels associated with shadow affected microinverter. It might be possible due to physical objects present around the panel. e.g. Tree, Water tank, Chimney.

About Data Logger & Monitoring System

There are four types of Data Loggers for residential and commercial systems.

Yes. The Data Logger will collect data from Microinverters and forward those data to our monitoring system. Users will get panel-wise monitoring into SunSights Mobile APK and Web-portal.

We can connect up to 70 inverters using one Data Logger.

Yes, We have monitoring and controlling options which is help to easy and remote diagnostic of any solar system.

Yes. Up-to 5 years it is free after subscription nominal cost need to be pay. 

Yes. Data loggers are able to communicate with widely used String inverters and energy meters.

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