Universal Inverter Stick Logger

SunSights can monitor the panel working, PV generation and over all system from anywhere in the world by plug and play device Universal Inverter Stick Logger.

“UNIVERSAL INVERTER STICK LOGGER (UISL)”, is a device that communicates to any String Inverter using RS485 / RS232 Interface, and then automatically transmits data through the internet (WiFi / GPRS) to cloud-based SunSights Live Portal. The UISL is ideal for customers looking for remote monitoring of Solar Rooftop Systems such as Residential, Commercial, Industrials, NGOs, and many more. In combination with SunSights Live Portal, it gives users the ability to Monitor & Control all the data such as Solar Generation, Voltage parameter, Current parameter, Power Factor, Fault Alerts, and many more. Users can also export the data for data visualization. The UISL is integrated with the SunSights mobile application & SunSights Live Portal, enabling customers to monitor and control the PV system remotely in real-time. It allows customers to visualise key performance indicators through a desktop or mobile interface in different formats like graphs, charts, reports, etc.


    • 1 Regular Control and Monitor about the power yield
    • 2 Highly Secure Data
    • 3 Effective Development Using Nebulae SDK
    • 4 Zero Human Intervention Required
    • 5 Low Maintenance Makes It Compatible To The Solar System
    • 6 Tightly Integrated To Nebulae Cloud services To Provide Zero-Configuration
    • 7 Support Hardware Platform such as WiFi Or Cellular(2G)
    • 8 Easy to Network Configure via SunSights Commissioning application
    • 9 Compatible with multiple brands of String Inverters


    • Provides Remote Diagnostic Service
    • Automatically Software Update
    • Integrity verified
    • Easy to Install & Compact in Size
    • Supports Inverters Having Modbus protocol
    • LED Indication to Identify Data Logger’s Behaviour
    • Provides device management
    • Robust Hardware
    • Fail-safe secure recovery

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