Solar Industerial Rooftop

100KW, Ambala, Advanced Microdevices

The Client selected SLS considering the capacity to provide hybrid solution in a sustainable way. On the other hand, SLS found this project as a great application case for its hybrid solar plants because of the remote locations of Advanced Microdevices facilities with excellent solar radiation.
SLS developed a 100 kW rooftop solar plant using microinverter which could be controlled remotely with a proper monitoring system. The solution is scalable enough to meet increasing energy demand. It can also be adjusted according to the energy demands at any point of time.
SLS worked as a solar solution provider and also offered sustainable hybrid system with microinverters and control devices. The SLS Solar Control system manages demand-based PV feed-in at the interface between the diesel-photovoltaic generator and the load, while leaving the genset control unaffected.

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