Micro Inverter

Micro Inverter

SunSights offers various smart grid ready Micro Inverters which are MNRE certified, Advance in technology, reliable and highly efficient that makes it perfect choice for any Solar system.

Micro inverter

We offers various smart grid portable Micro inverter solution which are produced in-house under make in India initiative by our government, our Micro inverters are MNRE-certified, designed efficiently to convert a DC photovoltaic module into an AC output. It is designed to work under extreme temperature conditions up to 131ºF (55ºC). The solution caters to an electric grid by sourcing its energy, from each PV module, ensuring better efficiency than the Traditional framework. Our micro-inverters are small in size which makes its installation safe and easy, also it comes with IP67 ratings which makes them keep working smoothly and efficiently during the exposure of harsh environment. Even Shading does not affect power generation, as they are designed in such a way that during condition of shading, by using maximum power point tracking (MPPT) it generates more power, also they are durable, reliable, efficient, advanced in technology and budget Friendly..


    • 1 Distributed Architecture
    • 2 Smart-Grid ready
    • 3 No Single Point Of Failure
    • 4 Online Monitoring & Controlling System
    • 5 Weather Proof
    • 6 Compatible with panels of ratings up to 400W
    • 7 Is landing Protection
    • 8 Panel-wise monitoring


    • Harvest more energy generation than a traditional system
    • 100% safe. (no chances of catching fire)
    • Higher efficiency up to 99% using MPPT controller
    • Remote system monitoring using Nebulae
    • Small in size and light in weight
    • Avoids cable losses
    • Scalable in run-time
    • Automatic shutdown when grid power is off
    • Long life then traditional inverter (2x warranty)
    • Reduces effect of shading on panels.
    • IP67 rated (weatherproof)
    • Easy to install & portable

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