Micro Inverter

Micro Inverter

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Micro inverter

Micro Solar Inverter-MSI1500 simplifies the conversion of the photo-voltaic module DC generation to electrical AC output with more efficiency. Instead of the traditional way of central grid-tied inverter connection, this inverter provides a connection to the quad photo-voltaic (PV) module. Hence, it can feed the harvested energy from each PV module to an electric grid. Even in the shaded condition, it keeps generating the max output power as other connected inverters are still working.


    • 1 Distributed Architecture
    • 2 DC-To-AC Conversion At Module Level
    • 3 No Single Point Of Failure
    • 4 Pure Sine-Wave
    • 5 Online Monitoring & Controlling System
    • 6 Weather Proof
    • 7 Easy To Install
    • 8 Highly Efficient
    • 9 Island Protection


    • Harvest more energy generation than a traditional system
    • Higher efficiency up to 99% using MPPT controller
    • Remote system monitoring using Nebulae
    • Small in size and light in weight
    • Avoids cable losses
    • Scalable in run-time
    • Automatic shutdown when grid power is off
    • IP67 rated enclosure

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