Data Logger

A true IoT technology enabled in solar to have access globally

Data Logger

The data logger offers various key ingredients to access a vast range of IoT functionality, using our IoT platform ‘Nebulae’. It integrates technologies and protocols with high security for networking, embedded control, sensing and easy manageability on which application software can run. The advance peripheral mechanism provides configuration and access control from a remote location using Nebulae Cloud services to integrate with third-party cloud infrastructure. It’s advanced features, hybrid network management and message transferring across different networks, allows any sensor, device and other equipment to communicate without cloud intervention.


  • 1 Provides Connectivity To Micro Inverter, Panels Through The AC Distribution Box
  • 2 Can Control And Monitor On Daily Basis About The Power Yield
  • 3 Security From Data Theft Of Any Kind
  • 4 Easy And Fast Development Using Nebulae SDKs
  • 5 Less Human Intervention Required
  • 6 Low Maintenance Makes It Compatible To The Solar System
  • 7 Tightly Integrated To Nebulae Cloud services To Provide Zero-Configuration
  • 8 Works With Any Hardware Platform like 802.15.4, Wifi, BLE Or Cellular


  • Provides remote diagnostic services
  • Provides device management
  • Software updates on server
  • Integrity verification
  • Authenticity verification
  • Fail-safe secure recovery
  • Robust-avoids bricking your device
  • Intelligent self healing, self configuring network

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