AC Distribution Box

Have a better command on your solar generation using IoT

AC Distribution Box

Solar AC Distribution is a central power management box. It is connected to MCB, MCCB, SPD, Sockets, NebuLink gateway, etc. This AC Distribution Box is fabricated with the use of the latest technology and is suitable for different solar applications.


    • 1 Easy And Proper Cable Management
    • 2 Blocking Diodes For Reverse Current Flow
    • 3 Reliable Electric Safety To Avoid Hazards
    • 4 The Enclosure Is Made Of High Quality Poly Carbonate Material Which Is Resistant To Weather Related Conditions
    • 5 Effective Isolation With Isolator Switches Which Widely Meet The Various Demands From PV Power System
    • 6 Offering Surge/Transient Protection For PV Power System With Pluggable Surge Protector Devices
    • 7 IP65 Degree Of Protection
    • 8 Trouble Shooting Methodology
    • 9 Online Monitoring And Controlling
    • 10 Saving Of Space & Orientation Flexibility


    • Offer cost effective solution for solar
    • Smooth and safe installation
    • Easy and reliable maintenance
    • Waterproof, dustproof and rustproof
    • Endure harsh environment exposure
    • Can be customized

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